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Madame Champagne loves champagne and wants to share the gorgeous wines of Champagne with Hong Kong.

She looks for hidden gems from artisan grower producers and winemakers that are committed to sustainable viticulture using minimal additives and low amounts of sugar. These champagnes showcase the stunning flavours of the terroir and meticulous skills of the chef de caves.

Deemed the most prestigious wine in the world, it's produced exclusively within the Champagne region famous for it's unique, mineral rich and chalky soils. There are strict appellation laws governing the growing, production and wine making. 

Sourcing her champagne directly from estates in Champagne as well from highly reputable French wine merchants, the champagne is either flown in from the estate directly or sea shipped from France with refrigeration to ensure strict quality control. It's housed in a professional wine cellar and is delivered to you in an insulated bag with a cold brick as quickly as possible.

Great care and attention to paid to the selection of champagne. We only sell what we have tasted ourselves and know has been produced with meticulous care resulting in a spectacular taste.

If you have any special requests, requirements or need assistance with an event or party please don't hesitate to contact us. Madame Champagne is trained in event management and knows how to throw a spectacular event!